About me




Hi babes! I’m Megan, a 30 year old (style obsessed) stay-at-home mom living in a charming little corner of Massachusetts.  I have a degree in business management and a love for fashion, beauty, design and great coffee!

When my husband Kevin and I met, it was love at first sight.  He is incredible. Kevin is a construction business owner and is the hardest worker anyone will ever know. He loves his family so much, and I’m quite the proud wife. Our 3 year old (born on the 4th of July!) daughter Kourtney (aka Koko) is confident, independent, and as loving and sweet as can be.  Our son, Kalvin (born August 30) is soon to turn 1! He is perfect and healthy and I already consider him my little boyfriend. I love him so much.  We also have 3 dogs, Ryder (maltese), Benz (shih tzu) and Harley (labradoodle). I’m obsessed with my crew, it’s a circus and can be crazy hectic, but I love it.  We recently built and moved into our dream home.  Kevin and I designed the entire thing ourselves and we are super excited about our new life we will create here. I believe love conquers all. I’ve gone through some hard things in my life that made me realize this. Everyone is fighting a battle, you know nothing about. It is important to me that my home is full of love. It’s my job as mom to spread the love, keep the peace and fill everyone’s tummy with good, healthy food. I am so thankful Kevin allows me to be a stay at home mom, I take my role very seriously.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I invite you to follow along on my journey, as I share with you how I try to gracefully juggle married life, 2 kids and 3 dogs. I hope you find inspiration on how to live a more balanced life, while trying to run your own circus…



FASHION  I’m a casual, busy mom who loves to get out and spice things up a bit! Being a stay-at-home can be boring, but I believe that makeup and clothing is a way for us to stay in touch with our pre-baby personalities and keep up our confidence even when we are dishing out goldfish and covered in spit up. My style is affordable with the occasional splurge on designer accessories. I Love all pink sneakers and a good pair of ripped denim jeans!

BEAUTY  I believe that you must first take care of your mental health to be beautiful. I struggled with PPD and had a hard time with this for a long time… I honestly found that putting on makeup and getting dressed helped me from the inside out! I love checking out the latest skin care tools, makeup techniques and I love a good CC cream and highlight palette. My makeup usually compliments my all American simple style.

LIFESTYLE  Kids, Fur babies and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for myself and my family, is always top priority. Whether it’s an adorable toddler #ootd or a gluten-free recipe I’m sharing this is where you fill find my life behind the scenes.

HOME  I started this blog during the building process of mine and Kevin’s dream home. We had planned for years before we finally broke ground and while Kevin worked long hours I tended to the babies and fur babies and began my blog journey blogging. Our home is now complete and I’m excited to share with you my New England country, glam style along the way as we design, decorate and add all the finishing touches!

NEW ENGLAND  Of course I am going to incorporate New England, it’s what I know best. I grew up in a small town in western MA. I’ve been traveling around New England my entire life. My favorite part about living in New England, besides the seasons is the access to the beach and the mountains. I enjoy the view by boat and from the back of our Harley Davidson motorcycle!