Who plans to organize their house this weekend? Organizing has been on the top of my to do list since the beginning of the year. It feels so darn good to organize and you know what I have learned. Its not about buying fancy containers! Its all about organizing efficiently!! Before you empty out your entire pantry and cabinets STOP! Read this post! I will not only save you a lot of money, I will help you execute organization that is FUNCTIONAL! After all, isnt that the goal of organizing.

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Here is how you start! Stock up on a bunch of organizers. Over buy, save them or return them if you need to. I personally overbuy and just keep them around, because turns out I use them everywhere! I even organize my sock drawers with bins!

The best organizer  is this right here! I LOVE that it comes in different sizes, I used this in my junk drawer and in my office. The fridge containers that I have I got alot of questions about when I showed on my instagram stories. So I am linking it HERE for you.


I am guilty! I have spent a ton of money on acrylic containers, only to realize the ones they sell at Dollar Tree are not much different. So stack up on these!! I use them everywhere! Office, bathroom, makeup, even in my kitchen to keep chip clips and rubber bands separated. Why not, they’re a DOLLAR! Get these clear stackable drawers in a case of 12 right off the website!

All right, all those Marie Kondo lovers and wannabes, you can get the organized snack bins by using these Locker bins!! I have these under bathroom sinks too for cleaning products, toilet paper, personal hygiene supplies etc! You guys, I cant believe I am organized. If you saw the way I lived before we moved you would be laughing hysterically right now. I was so disorganized! To keep everything looking nice and uniform buy these beige labels!  I love that they are beige, the black is too harsh for me, and to me the beige is way more french country which fits my decor!



So please do not comment, “none of your pics show organizing” I showed a video on my instagram stories, and my fridge is and so is my junk drawer. If you read my entire post you will know that I started this process by shopping in store. I am here now to announce you can shop Dollar Tree online and after messing around with what I got in store I have determined that this is what I am getting to organize the rest of my house. Also, to be totally transparent I added all these things to my cart, the things that I am going to use and the total is $156! I may be a total geek but this makes me super excited! If you look most of the items come in a case of 24 units, so I will be able to organize my whole house, and keep a couple handy just in case… maybe lol. I will try and show you guys how I do this on my YouTube and Instagram stories! Leave me your comments, questions, or anything specific you want me to include! Once my order comes in I will get started. I have about half my house done with the items I was able to find in store, but there was slim pickings, which is why I am recommending ordering online. dollar tree checkout

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