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Hello Fresh is one of those delivery services that I am obsessed with! I really love them all, but Hello Fresh has been so good to my family, giving up such a great variety and plenty of food in each portion! I am a big fan of food prep… As a busy mom prepping food ahead of time has been a huge time saver for me. I am able to relax with my family rather than slaving in the kitchen. Here is how I use Hello Fresh to make my food prep even easier!!!

Think for a second, what is your biggest challenge when planning meals? I bet you will say its making sure you have ALL the ingredients. That’s what I would say! I legitimately will get stuck in a rut and make the same things over and over just because my grocery shopping habits are the same, my fam gets bored and that is where Hello Fresh saves my ass!

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We eat healthy, and gluten free, and Hello Fresh is still able to accommodate our requests.  The best part about meal prepping is that I can have Koko help me with the cutting! She has become such a little chef, I am very impressed with her knife skills. Every week usually on Tues or Thurs, sometimes Sunday… we will prep 3-4 meals ahead of time. It might take a couple hours start to finish but its worth it! You will feel so good all week long having the stress of dinner time decisions taken off your plate!

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Hello Fresh helps me keep it interesting! I scheduled my delivery for Thursday night, Koko and I went to town peeling and cutting and I cooked all 3 meals at once. Now I do not have to cook all weekend! We even have enough for lunches! I am super excited, the food is really good, and I even learned a cooking technique that I had not used before! I never make sauces from scratch, the rosemary fig sauce was so good with the chicken, and I had totally forgot that dusting chicken in cornstarch rather than flour is a gluten free way of breading chicken! It was perfect because it soaked up all the sesame soy sauce.

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If you are thinking of trying Hello Fresh use my discount code! MEGANMARIE80  for a huge savings of $80 off your first months delivery! I am so excited to be able to share this discount with you and your family! Think ahead and order your meals to create a surprise Valentines dinner date at home! You will be so glad you did! I want to hear about it too! XO!

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