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Motherhood is tough. I never thought it would be this hard. I never thought I would have to put in 30000 % effort into my every mothering moment. Legit, If I am not on my A game at motherhood BAM! The shit hits the fan and I loose. ugh. Kourtney just started a new school, as you may know from my instagram post. When I dropped her off the first day I put a plate in her lunch box (one of the divided ones) with some of that press and seal wrap over it so her food would stay seperated (toddlers preference.) I thought I was a genius! (First time mom here) LMAO It was politely brought to my attention that most kids have bento boxes… (quickly googles bento box) Um ok…. So here I am placing an Amazon order and thinking, why not turn this hilarious mom fail into a story. Hopefully you laugh with me!

I honestly can’t even believe that I am ordering this stuff right now! I never thought I would be one of those moms who used a cookie cutter to make her kids sandwich into a star, or put googly eyes on some grapes… I just thought my kids would listen to me when I said “eat your lunch” HAAA! ok. Now reality check, my daughter is 3.5 and I am basically a human microphone. If my voice is not escalated shes not hearing me. I am not sure why this is, if there is some scientific explanation I am missing, or parenting guide book I need to read feel free to comment below. Not that I have time to read! SO if you can send the spark notes, ILU!

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Actual facial expression when your kids are fighting across the room- and yes my nails are awful I am aware. .. time is a thief.

I actually found some really cool containers that I am super excited about. I think I might actually be a better mom because of these containers, cookie cutters, googly eyes, stickers…… I will let you know what my “threenager” has to say.

I also ordered this “boo boo bunny” It is basically an ice cube holder… for all those boo boos! Its really cute! This is a totally random slightly sarcastic blog post on a night that I am fried from motherhood… Good night mamas. Solidarity! XO!

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