My January mission was to detox, cleanse, and energize my body. I was so tired of being tired. I knew detox, and cleanse would energize my system. I started following the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living cleanse about 2 months ago and I have never felt better in my life! I have energy, mental focus, and I am no longer bloated. I started the Arbonne cleanse and 30 days to healthy living challenge to feel better going into the new year. 

The Arbonne cleanse is gentle and efficient. It helps remove any junk in your gut. The cleanse is gentle enough you could take it every day. I never had any dramatic experience with the cleanse. I noticed that my body felt less sluggish just a few days into the 30 day challenge. I started needing less coffee and recently Kevin mentioned that my under eyes didnt seem as dark!


I have been getting a lot of questions about diet and what I eat in a day so I wanted to take the time to answer your questions and also tell you more about why and how I fit Arbonne into my life everyday.  I start the day with a fizz stick in a cup of hot water, like tea. Usually for breakfast I will make a chocolate protein smoothie and throw in frozen fruit or a spoon full of almond butter. The Arbonne fiber powder helps me to feel full longer so I add that to the breakfast smoothie. I mix up the cleanse drink in 32 oz of water and set up my fizz drink cup so once I am done with my first fizz stick I start drinking the cleanse, so basically I am drinking all day. Sometimes I will have gluten free toast with almond butter, or a gluten free waffle with sausage. For snacks I will eat raw almond butter and crackers or plain raw almonds. Clearly I  eat a lot of almond butter. lol. I will usually have an early lunch if I am really hungry and that is almost always a gluten free turkey and veggies, I try and avoid carbs, unless I am eating a sandwich. I avoid dairy as well as gluten so no cheese!

After lunch or with my lunch I will drink the Arbonne greens powder mixed with the silk almond coconut milk that I love. It tastes like a green tea frappe if you have ever had one of those from Starbucks. Do you remember last year I was sharing the green vibrancy drink? This is a lot like that.


I am usually really busy in the afternoon with the kids, housework and cooking so I usually wont eat again until dinner. Dinner in my house is pretty easy. Its always gluten free, meat, veggie, potato, rice, pasta.  That is basically it, I really do not deprive myself of anything. If my kids are eating GF mac and cheese for lunch I will steal a few bites or whatever but I try to be strict with myself. I will just remember that I need to be cautious for a bit if I do over indulge or have something that is on my avoidance list. You can get a copy of the list from me if you sign up for the Arbonne 30 days to healthy living challenge. I am starting the next round Feb 4th.

DAY 26 - PICK ME! social_image

Arbonne 30 days to healthy living challenge

What drew me in to work with Arbonne is that they believe in using the highest quality ingredients, and everything is made right here in the USA. They also advocate that you are what you eat. Your body does what your mind tells it! So when I read all of this and the list of remove and replace items from your diet I was hooked, because I was already following this on my own!

arbonne avoid and replace list

30 days to healthy living challenge

The 30 days to healthy living challenge starts off by detoxing your body with the Arbonne detox tea. I drink the tea nightly. I wake up with NO BLOAT! MIRACLE. You will drink 2 protein drinks throughout the day, and include the Arbonne probiotics and fiber. You will cut coffee and drink Arbonne fizz sticks for energy and focus! They’re AMAZING. When you are ready to start the cleanse,  sometime around week 3 of the 30 day cleanse start drinking the cleanse in 32 oz of water throughout the day.



I would love for you to join my team and join me in making yourself the best you for 2019! I have a group of girls working with me and they have really motivated me to work out and keep up the hard work! I love the results I am seeing!

If you would like to start the challenge with me the best way to get the best bang for your buck is to become a preferred customer. click HERE once you register you will be able to make a purchase that is exclusive to preferred customers. This is the bundle package that you need to do the 30 day to healthy living challenge and cleanse. plus you get a free gift and the fee is waived for becoming a PC.

Arbonne fizz stick

Daily cup of energy and detox!

If you only want to get the cleanse, that is an option too. Here is a link to the cleanse.

The 30 day to healthy living challenge involves protein shakes, digestive complex, fiber, detox tea, fizz sticks, and the cleanse. The best way to get this for the best price is to sign up to be a preferred client, and select the special value packs category which will become available to you once you log in as a preferred client.

It would be best if you DM me on instagram so that I can help you place your first order and make sure that you fill your cart with as much free items as you can get. Either way I will be notified when you make a purchase and formally introduce myself to you as your new coach! I cant wait to grow my team! Lets get fit together, I am on a mission to feel confident in my bikini this summer, join me!


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