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BEFORE!! we install carpet and custom cabinetry! Its going to be such a gorgeous closet when its done!



I hope you are having an amazing 2019! I really am. I am working on a couple of really excited things that I should be able to announce in a few weeks, but I am having the hardest time not spilling the news. I really love being able to share with you guys all of the things that I love and I am super anxious to launch my new YouTube channel, but dang its been a challenge, trying to figure out how to add good music to the video! I will be filming from here (my closet) until my office is done, and then we will start completing this DREAM CLOSET!

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So with all this fantastic “busy-ness” going on in my life I need an office. I can not wait to have a spot that I can set up to film in and have some mental clarity while I work. I have been a work at home mom for awhile now, and I love it! But, it is hard, I work in my kitchen or when I have a babysitter in my bed. So my office is going to be my space. The walls are the prettiest creamy pinkish/orange, like a melted orange creamsicle! (YUM) There is a window looking out to our gorgeous view, and I put the window up a bit higher on the wall so my desk can be underneath it. …  does anyone else get inspired by starring at the sky??? I cant be the only one.


Photo Jan 18, 3 06 06 PM

I’ll be filming my YouTube videos with this ring light and phone holder. Its a must have if your in the business! 

As far as decor I am just going to go with what I love right now. Currently I am loving gold accents. You have probably noticed I am adding touches of gold around my house, when I showed the new bookcases in our family room. I found the most gorgeous desk, and its an L shape!  I looooove an L shaped desk.



This desk is what I designed the rest of the room around, and I also got these book cases.


I plan to add this rug, desk chair, and lamp to the desk area.


scatter these fabulous pieces of artwork


and throw in these accents!


I will film my makeup and hair videos at this vanity, I mean…. speechless really. Its everything I could have designed myself. I can not waitttt for this.


Here is a peak at everything, what do you think??? Let me know in the comments!

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