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When I started trying to make blogging a career, all I ever hear was HOW are you going to make raise a 3 and a 1 year old, build a business, all while juggling life as a stay at home mom, wife and still remember to take care of yourself??? Everyone was concerned about me and to be honest with you, the stress broke me at one point. I had that 2007 Britney kind of a meltdown and had to reasses life goals, and frankly get my sh*t together. IT WAS SINK OR SWIM for me. I was determined to succeed and literally had to block out the negativity and just keep going. Thank god during that time I had Kevin, somehow he never stopped supporting me, even though he might have said “Megan, you don’t need to be doing this, just be a stay at home mom.” I was determined to build my brand! Don’t get me wrong, I looooove being a stay at home but I love being a work at home mom even more! I loveeee it to the point I get tears in my eyes thinking of how blessed I am. Do I wish I had a little bit more mental clarity, hell yes, but I have this down to a science now and I love it. Kom M3G_7751 copy

So this is what I learned. You could apply this to any career, or just a way to get some more time in your day as a stay at home mom to do something you love, like read a book, paint, etc. It is so important to remember your own passions in life while you are raising your family and not loose hold of that.

step 1: Start your day on the right foot.

I start my day out by waking up early, before the kids do. It is so important for me to get a moment of peace and quiet in the morning and let my brain get going. If this means that you need to adjust your schedule at night, you probably should consider that. Sometimes I throw in a work out, it depends what I have for a work load.

Step 2: work smart!

It is vital that you are efficiently delegating your time. In order for me to do this while I am home with my kids I set my phone to silence at the same time every day! I also plan my week so that I get at least 2 dedicated “HOME DAYS” that means, we don’t leave the house. Every day between 9 and 1 my phone is on silent. I make it a point to plug my phone in and play with kids during that time. It is great that the kids have my attention and I can complete necessary home chores as our time allows. Remind yourself that someday your kids will have grown and your focus can be having a spot less house. Your babies are only small for so long and these are the days you can not get back! This is sort of a mantra I tell myself, several times a week, usually when I am starring at a sink full of dishes, toys from one side of the house to the other and a mountain of laundry! The struggle is real! The reminder that this is a part of life and raising a family that everyone experiences helps me feel OK with the fact that I cant DO IT ALL.

Step 3: Plan ahead.

I keep a calendar on my phone that is linked with my google email. This helps me not miss anything and I can easily add dates while I am working without looking at my phone. Usually If I look at my phone I see notifications that distract me, so I actually avoid my phone ALOT. Planning ahead has helped me so much. I am making it a point this year to meal prep every Sunday. I steam 3-4 types of veggies, make 2 cups of rice, boil potatoes and pasta and grill chicken. This has been a HUGE help! It is super easy to have on hand for lunch and having the sides to our dinners made a head of time has helped me so much. It is easy to make a meal out of these things. If you need ideas for meals I would love to share things I am making.

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Dont get me wrong, my weeks by far run seamlessly. It is impossible with kids and they run me ragged every day! Even writing this I have had to get up 27 times because Kalvin is continuing to get into something. I set time for free play, crafts, and TV when I am home with the kids and that helps me fight the mom guilt that will arise if I feel like I am neglecting them. Mom guilt is so real, fighting it is all about balance. One more piece of advice, no matter what you do, what you accomplish, or what you cant accomplish. BE HAPPY! There was a time before I started blogging I was ALWAYS down on myself for not feeling successful and it really changed my relationship with Kevin. He just wanted me to be a happy wife, and now that I have figured it out, he appreciates a happy smiling wife to come home to rather than a picture perfect house! What a relief, I totally thought he wanted the clean house. LOL!



House wife life

accurate depiction of what my days really look like




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