shopping outfit

shopping on 3rd Ave during our stay at Archer Hotel



Kevin and I recently spent my birthday weekend exploring an area of MA that I had not been before. Burlington MA. Kevin and I stayed at Archer Hotel and were spoiled with the luxury amenities. Burlington MA is about an hour and a half away from where we live in Western MA. Surprisingly I have never been before!

We chose to travel close to home for my birthday since it is such a busy time of year. We rarely travel in the winter because we own a plowing company and need to be on call for both ice and snow situations. So this hour and a half trip to Archer Hotel is Burlington MA was ideal!


Balcony sweater dress double braids cutest hair clip

from our balcony


When we arrived to Burlington MA I was so surprised how many great restaurant and stores that there was, even a Starbucks across the street from the hotel! Gotta have my latte! Also across the street was a fabulous mall with Nordstrom and other great stores that I love! We did some shopping and then went to dinner. We found Del Frisco’s Grille to have my birthday dinner and it was great!  It is starting to be a tradition that we eat at Del Frisco’s. They also have a restaurant we love in Boston. The Archer Hotel is located on a street called 3rd Ave where there was so much to do! After dinner, we went bowling to celebrate my birthday! The Archer Hotel provided us with a beautiful dessert tray and champagne which also made my birthday extra special.


30th birthday

The perfect in room, birthday surprise!


double braids shopping outfit

This chair though! Archer Hotel nailed the decor

nespresso in bed

love this view!


I enjoyed the in-room Nespresso the next morning while people watching from bed. I didn’t realize it when we planned the trip, but Archer Hotel is dog-friendly so we could have brought our little dogs with us if we needed to. They stayed home with the kids though and Kevin and I spent most of our night across the street bowling and playing air hockey at Kings. I never knew I was good at or even liked playing air hockey until that night! lol. I can not wait to go back again soon. We are planning another trip in a couple of weeks because we are working with the Shade store and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams for decorating and furnishing our house. They both have stores on 3rd Ave so we really appreciated being able to accomplish something for our home project while we were in town.  I will share more of that process in a couple weeks once the ball gets rolling. Next time we go back there is a Mexican restaurant that I have to try, I can’t remember the name of but definitely need to check it out, the place was busier than any other restaurant around. I also want to watch a Patriots game at the sports bar across from Archer! So many reasons to go back!



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