Fiona Diamonds on Megan Marie

Puppies and Diamonds a girls best friend


I was sent this gorgeous solitaire set from Fiona Diamonds and have been wearing it every day since I received it. These diamonds are especially bright and clear, I love how simple this set is, but adds an elegant touch to even the most casual outfit. Diamonds and puppies are two things I hoard. I have 3 dogs, and basically drool whenever I see anything sparkly. who’s with me? I know I am not alone. So, when I received this necklace I was so excited. Then I discovered something about it that blew my mind!



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Fiona diamonds are stunning


ITS FAKE. OKKK OKKK its actually not FAKE, its called Moissanite.  WTF is that right? So I did my research and here is what I learned. A Moissanite diamond is born out of a meteorite, ya know, that thing that falls from space!  They’re hand cut to perfection and is truly forever brilliant. They’re such a close match to real diamonds that only a lab can tell the difference.



I love this brand Fiona Diamonds, as they have taken a stand against conflict and blood diamonds. Did you know that even in this day and age miners use small children as labor to work in diamonds mines in certain African nations? Fiona only sells Lab Grown Diamonds and Moissanites, which is why all their gemstones are guaranteed to be conflict free. Not only this the brand donates 5% of their profits towards charities that help rescue children from mining.


I am really happy about the opportunity to give you guys my discount code MEGAN10. I know you will love to savings since Fiona diamonds cost 1/10 the cost of real diamonds. They offer everything from wedding bands, to bracelets!


you will love it!!

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