IMG_4800It’s our first Christmas at #villakomosa!! I can’t get over how it feels to be living in our dream home during Christmas. The decorations look so pretty and the kids definitely have a twinkle in their eye. Decorating this year I was inspired by plaid. I just love the coziness that plaid prints bring to an environment. My taste includes modern glam but I think its appropriate to stay true to my roots when decorating and maintain classic New England touches. So I call my style a mix of modern country glam.

This Christmas is all about starting traditions, from the cardinal tree toppers to the elf on the shelf.

What are some of your Christmas traditions? We are going to do a Christmas cookie decorating day and I am really excited to hostess Christmas eve this year. We will keep it simple by serving food buffet style but I have some tricks to make it look fancy.


How adorable is this KIDS PIANO! I love the red color for Christmas.



One way to jazz up your holiday party is by displaying food on gorgeous platters. I got the Cashmere Flurries hostess set from Tara at home and I love it. Tara at home is an affordable but totally high-quality stoneware company. You do not need to spend a lot of money to step up your hostess game, buy a couple pieces every now an then just make sure they’re all part of the same collection so that when you scatter appetizers and dishes throughout the party you everything matches.

Offer a variety of drinks. This might seem obvious but go above and beyond by making a signature cocktail or mocktail for the kids! Its easy for guests and they will love it.

Serve appetizers and the meal buffet style. I love to cook, and honestly, I find cooking for a crowd to be the same as cooking for 2. So I wouldn’t mind serving a seated meal to 20, but my family prefers buffet style. That way there is no interruption in conversations, no pressure and the atmosphere stays casual. This is where having matching dishes is important, it will make your serving area look gorgeous. I am still working on my collection, but I’ll be sure to put the best selections on my fancy platters!IMG_4783IMG_4787IMG_4800

A few more hostess tips…

clean 2-3 days before the party- You will regret scrubbing your house top to bottom the day of a party. Not only will it make you stressed its just a waste. I deep clean everything a couple days before the party and the day of I go around and touch things up. I always make sure bathrooms are spotless and that I have extra hand towels stashed under the sink, because there is nothing worse than that soggy towel mid party! GAG. You could go above and beyond and buy Kleenex hand towels, take them out of the box and set them on a festive platter for guests to use.IMG_4808

Greet everyone and do your best to chat a minute. I struggle with this because I am usually in the kitchen cooking most of the time. I usually get flustered and need help from an assistant accommodating guests so make sure that if you plan to be cooking in the kitchen you delegate to a friend or your husband to cater to all guests. Kevin usually rolls his eyes when I say this and gets caught up in conversations so I usually ask an outgoing friend to help me out.Photo Nov 27, 1 55 28 PM

Finally, go with the flow and leave the dishes. I usually just get the food out and then step out and enjoy the party. When I am hostessing bigger parties I have rented chafing dishes and hand all the food set out and honestly that makes it way easier. I need to buy my own. A good party is one that the hostess is having fun so try to chill out (easier said than done) and dont forget that you can leave the dishes for tomorrow.

Photo Dec 13, 8 01 01 AM

How I usually feel after hostessing LOL

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