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Happy Wednesday!!

Is anyone else starting to drag because of this cold winter weather. I am SO TIRED! Relying on coffee heavily this time of year, especially because I am staying up late decorating, shopping, and doing all things Santa related. How much coffee do you drink in a week? Have you ever even thought about it? Me probably 5 pots?! This is the first time I thought about HOW MUCH COFFEE I truly do drink in a week. Just talking about coffee wants me to go brew a pot! You would NEVER know how much coffee I drink by looking at my teeth because I have been whitening my teeth for years. I have used tons of teeth whitening systems, recently the best I have found is Luster Premium teeth whitening system.Kom M3G_2579 Luster Premium teeth whitening is a complete teeth whitening system. I absolutely love it. As a matter of fact, my teeth have never been better!! Whitening is very important but its also about healthy gums and enamel. There are many effective products out there for whitening, but some of them are very very harsh. Luster teeth whitening system protects the overall health of your mouth while whitening your teeth in an extremely effective way. I have not noticed any increased sensitivity and I am very impressed at how well the stain removing toothpaste works.

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The Luster Premium White teeth whitening system comes with 3 kinds of toothpaste. AM, PM, and extra strength stain removing paste. I have been using these daily and really love how well they work.  I really only need to whiten once a week, usually before date night or a photo shoot just for an extra bright smile. The toothpaste keeps all the coffee stains away and its very impressive how well the stain remover works!Kom M3G_2583Kom M3G_2597

I have been very focused on my teeth since I started blogging because when I am filming my stories it’s the first thing everyone sees! I film a lot of makeup videos and you can’t airbrush your teeth white and fake it on video like a lot of people do in their photos on social media! I am super thankful that I have Luster Premium teeth whitening system to maintain my white teeth and my confidence level on camera. This holiday season Luster teeth whitening system would be a  great gift for any friend or family member. You can shop for Luster Premium teeth whitening system at Walmart and Walmart.com.  I am linking some great savings coupons HERE.Kom M3G_2820Kom M3G_2833

Everything needs maintenance, so if you aren’t whitening your teeth, start now. Share your before and after pictures on social media using the #whitenlikeapro

although I was compensated for this post all comments and opinions are my own

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