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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Holland House Cooking Wine. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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I recently attended a live cooking event hosted by Holland House Cooking Wine. I had such a good time meeting other bloggers and tasting delicious holiday themed recipes using Holland House Cooking Wines. You guys Thanksgiving is coming and I am basically going to be eating my way through the next two months… Gluten-free, of course, but I have that down to a science by now and I am so excited about the new recipe inspiration I got from Holland House. I would have never thought to put Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine in brownie batter like in the recipe we tried for Marsala and Dark Chocolate Malted Milk Brownies, but it was decadent. The Marsala Cooking Wine brought out the richness of the chocolate in a beautiful savory way. It has hints of hazelnut that makes it really versatile!


The brownies were so delicious, I came home and made my own! YUM!! They came out so good! It was definitely all my simple brownie recipe needed to take them to a whole new level of fancy… Fancy enough to serve at our holiday dinner! Check out the recipe and others as well from Holland House that you might want to try!

At the Holland House event, we enjoyed our turkey with sides that included Holland House Cooking Wines. Sherry Triple Berry Cranberries (using Holland House Sherry Cooking Wine with hints of nuts and caramel)  and Marsala Whipped Sweet Potatoes (using Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine which has hints of hazelnuts) were the highlight of the meal, sorry turkey. They were so good! I am totally a sides girl on Thanksgiving; when else do we make the time to be so creative with our meals?! My favorite thing about these recipes is how easy they are to make! The simple addition of the Holland House Cooking Wine takes things to a more flavorful experience perfect to enhance the elegance of your holiday meal! Check out the recipes below.

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Photo Nov 02, 12 17 49 PMGood food brings everyone together, Holland House Cooking Wine threw us an awesome party!

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Do you guys use cooking wine when you cook? I grew up eating lots of chicken marsala! Holland House Cooking Wine has been something that my mom used in her favorite dishes to cook for the family while I was growing up. Using cooking wine inspires me to create comfort meals that remind me of home. Growing up we lived in a cozy log cabin and the holiday season was always extra special being surrounded by snow at our log home. Holland House Cooking Wine and some of the dishes that I make take me right back home with just one bite. I love when food makes me think of a place. Thanksgiving is going to be very special this year since I am cooking in our new home. I am putting in extra effort to create a delicious meal and create memories for my kids like my parents did for me. I am excited Holland House Cooking Wine inspired me to create comfort dishes just like my mom did! I can’t wait to see what she thinks of the recipes I recreate.


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This is a sponsored post by Holland House Cooking Wine but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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