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Kohl’s November Home Sale is here until 11/18! I was so excited about this because I have had the urge to decorate and redo our bedrooms for winter. I added lots of cozy touches all over the house lately. New England weather changes quick and fall is almost winter. Snuggling up when it’s time to relax on the couch or in bed means having lots of cozy throws on hand.  One thing I love that drives Kevin CRAZY is throw pillows. I filled our sofa with pillows in hopes to keep the dogs off the couch, but they just learned to jump on top of them and enjoy laying on the couch even more than ever. I gave up on the off the couch battle. I was outnumbered by our 3 dogs. Not even my bed is a dog free zone. The more cozy layers I add to it the more they love it! I really didn’t think a dog could tell the difference between a regular blanket and a luxurious Sherpa throw, but apparently, they can! When I got this Sherpa throw from Kohl’s November Home Sale and everyone wanted it. It finally found a home on my bed. Our Labradoodle Harley loves it. Updating my bed for the winter season helped me discover my decor taste as well. I am currently shopping for art, new nightstands and a dresser. We haven’t been able to figure out a theme for our room so we mixed our old furniture with our new bed. I can not wait to replace those black nightstands! I want to make the room rustic glam, inspired by the white bed and faux fur carpets.

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Fall is a great time to update home decor and get ready for holiday guests. We spend so much time inside during the cold, snowy winter months in New England. I love decorating and find the best sales too. I shopped Kohl’s November Home Sale and updated everyone’s bedding for the winter. The feeling of fall and the smell of Downy fabric softener will always remind me of my childhood home in the winter. I remember my mom pulling out my flannel snowflake sheets when I was a kid and feeling so cozy in our warm log cabin. Koko got plaid sheets and a faux fur comforter which she totally loves! I can’t deny that I love plaid and Sherpa. When I found these plaid and Sherpa throw pillows and matching throw blanket from CuddlDuds I was totally inspired. I found this amazing quality Faux Mink comforter set from Serta and updated our sheets with these performance cotton sheets from Columbia. Kevin won’t sleep in flannel so I compromised with the mink comforter! My bedroom is the coziest room in the house. I actually took a nap the other day because my bed looked so cozy I couldn’t resist cuddling up! I am so excited to share some of my cozy finds from the Kohl’s November Home Sale when my family visits for the holidays.

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