Even though its the season of feasting. I am trying to get healthy and I was recently inspired by Plate Joy so I needed to share it with you all. I have been in a cooking rut lately and not really making the best healthy meals. I have a handful of meals that I cook frequently and my family is definitely burnt out on them. So I started with Plate Joy to get back on track. If you haven’t used Plate Joy before or if you don’t know what Plate Joy is, its basically a personalized menu for your family. I entered our preferences into the app and was able to select different options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even batch meals. Which is something I really look forward to doing so I have meals in the freezer for nights I don’t feel like cooking.

After reviewing the menu I was able to get the shopping list and order everything I needed for groceries using Instacart. This is the first time I have ever been able to order groceries and have them delivered! I was super excited and felt so fancy!  Plate Joy organized our menu, created a grocery list and I deducted what we had on hand and was able to increase quantities, add random items and even select alternate options. It was so easy to do from my computer! Once everything was said and done I had the order organized and scheduled for the next day.

It was so weird not having to go to the store, I had shopping on my to do list and I was able to cancel that and stay home to play with the kids! Such a win! The best part was the shopper was able to communicate with me while he was shopping. He made sure to take advantage of sales and accommodated my request to leave everything on the porch since I wasn’t home.

I am always short on time so I love that the meals I chose are quick to make. We decided it was a good night for the Mojo Turkey burgers last night! They were so yummy, the cilantro was the perfect compliment with the slaw. I totally recommend using Plate Joy I love not having to think about what to make for dinner!

Here is the recipe! Check out Plate Joy for more.

mojo turkey burger

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