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Kalvin!! How did he grow up so fast? I cant catch him, he is into everything. I am still learning how to dress a boy, but I think I do a pretty good job. My absolute fav find are these track suits! They look so cute on Kalvin. We went to the doctor for a check up and he weighed in at 28lb! That explains why I am so tired and sore. He is already wearing size 2T so I basically shop the toddler section now even though he just turned 14 months today (wide-eyed.) Kalvin’s first snow was last year, but he spent it inside bundled up hidden from all that cold New England weather. When I thought about having my kids close together I never realized how much work it would actually be. Its definitely harder than I thought. Especially in the winter.  Bundling up one baby to go outside is a lot of work…

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Last year when Kalvin was only a couple months old during the winter, we didn’t get out much. This year though, it will be so different. Kalvin is now 1 and pretty much wants to go outside every chance he can get.  Koko who is 3 should be able to manage on her own. Last year, it was a shit show. Kalvin was just too young. I will be prepared for the snow this year and I will make sure to deck myself and the kids out head to toe so we can spend as much time as we can tolerate playing in the snow. When it comes to buying clothes for my kids I learned that it is important to buy designated “play clothes” that are less expensive and won’t break your heart when it gets stained. So that is what I do, I usually grab these things from  Walmart or Target. I love the clothes at Target by Cat and Jack, they even have some cute play shoes too. http://bit.ly/2COPR4q

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A warm durable shoe is essential for every day, the UGGS are my favorite, there are so many lace-up styles that make the UGG boot more masculine looking. I love them! I also nearly shot out a PSA in every mom group I am in when I saw these snow boots. The extended top that cinches around snow pants is everything a mom needs to keep the dreaded “there’s snow in my boot” meltdown at bay. They come in PINK as well, so I ordered Koko a pair too. I also bought both kids these snow pants, coats sets. They’re affordable. I have trusted Columbia brand for years! Koko and Kalvin are going to be so cute sledding down the mountain in their matching outfits.


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When the kids come inside they are going to get into their cute cozy holiday jammies and sit by the fire on the couch. I found these adorable Mickey Jammies at Nordstrom! Kalvin is obsessed with Mickey. I have a weakness for holiday-themed jammies. They’re so cute! I recently bought a bath robe and the kids both wanted to steal it, so I am going to get them each a cozy robe for christmas.  I love the grey camo one for Kalvin! I already have Christmas on the brain, but I am trying to hold back until Thanksgiving to decorate…Do you decorate before Thanksgiving? I might this year, I am way too excited about Christmas in our new house! The camo Santa hat is adorable! I love putting these cute little hats on the kids. I also love dressing them up in animal prints for some reason in the winter! Last year Koko had the cutest Penguin romper from Gap. So this year I found a Penguin sweater for Kalvin and even a Penguin WubbaNubb!

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I am really looking forward to the holidays and having some fun outside with the kiddos this winter! The fun starts now.


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