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Grab yourself a glass of wine and light a cozy fall candle because its 5 o’clock on a chilly fall hump day. All I want to do is put on my cozy fall clothes and snuggle with my fam on the couch. This cold New England weather makes me want to put on all the cozy fall clothes and start hibernating. Every fall I see these cute teddy bear sweatshirts and I want one! I finally found one that I love and have been living in it!!img_0632

I love the soft cozy sweatshirt and the kids keep giving me so many hugs because they want to snuggle me. Bonus! I have a weakness for things that are fluffy. Probably why there are 40 throw pillows on my couch and we own 3 fluffy dogs. The fit on this sweatshirt is bulky and really is just for running errands or lounging. Doesn’t everyone have a fav sweatshirt in their closet? This is the one!

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I live in these jeans from express! I think I have 5 pairs of express jeans in the rotation at the moment. They’re just so good. Ugg boots are also a must-have in my life. Literally, I live in them and have a few pairs. These Milla UGGS I am definitely in love with! The fur on top is such a cute touch and they also come in black!! I am determined to add a black pair to my UGGS collection this year, but can’t decide on a style.

I could wear this outfit every day, its so comfortable and the sweatshirt is fluffy enough and warm enough you can go bra free! Bonus! That makes running errands with toddlers a bit more comfortable! Right! LOL.

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These items are perfect for transitioning from fall to winter. My hat is chenille and the pom is so big and fluffy. I want this in pink but it was sold out in stores while I was there. I have a serious weakness when it comes to shopping. Kevin lectures me about my spending and I decided to go the next couple of months without using my cards, I am only going to use cash. I never carry cash and I don’t plan a budget so this is going to be new for me. Taking all the advice on how to save money and MEAL PLAN!! I think I am going to go back to using Plate Joy or hello fresh. I am going to do some research about the best meal planning service and I will let you know what I choose.



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