I have been tired for about 4 years now. Yup that is about how long I have been a mom. Motherhood is a different kind of tired. Dare I use the word haggard? Sometimes at the end of the day, I have knots in my hair and mascara under my eyes. Those are the days I look at myself in the mirror and just laugh. Never would I have envisioned motherhood this way. I used to let it get the best of me. I let it bring me down, I hated looking like a haggard woman when Kevin came home at the end of the day… I missed being that well put together wifey, but you know what, Kevin actually loves coming home to his messy wife, as long as I am a happy mom! When he sees me with my hair in a bun, disclaimer-he HATES buns, and mascara on my face, he gives me a big hug and looks at our little kids and clean house and knows I bust my ass!

I honestly hate writing things like this without telling you guys that I TOO STRUGGLE. I share these tips and tricks because they work for me. I am a mom, and I love being a mom, but I try so hard to fight what happens when you lose yourself to the tired mom. I have been there. I struggled with PPD and lost myself for over a year. I bounced back after that dark year and I am stronger because of it. I am better now than I have ever been. Do you want to know what I learned? BE SELFISH. ugh. I HATE when people would call me selfish for getting a babysitter to go get my nails done, or for putting myself first over folding laundry… moms make a lot of sacrifices. If the laundry doesn’t get folded because you decided to take a 20-minute shower rather than a 2-minute shower. SO BE IT! The struggle is real.  As hard as it is to put yourself first you just have to do what makes YOU happy. I take a lot of pride in my appearance. I am honestly happier when I look good. I have confidence and I feel good! The days that I desperately need a shower I am a much bitcher person. WHY? because I resent the fact that I can’t take a Fing shower! Then I think about how fast these days are going…

So here are my hacks for fighting tired while you are in the chapter of your life where catching up on sleep and spending hours in a spa just are not going to happen. You have to start with good nutrition. I am gluten free, but I by choice avoid dairy. Dairy makes me bloated and my skin looks disgusting if I eat more than a slice of cheese. I swear I have tested the theory more than once and I always break out and bloat when I eat dairy. I take a lot of vitamins and eat a lot of protein.img_0441

People are always complimenting me on my skin. I am so proud of this because I struggled with awful skin all through my 20s and I finally started figuring it out before I turned 30. A skin care regimen will change your life. You can read about mine HERE. I do not have tired eyes because I use VIIcode oxygen eye mask. VIIcode eye mask plumps up my under eye skin and makes dark circles disappear. I put the VIIcode eye masks on after I cleanse my skin at night.  I wear them a couple times a week while I sleep. One box lasts about 2 weeks if you use the VIIcode eye mask 3 times a week. I love that these VIIcode  gel pads are easy to use and not messy at all so sleeping in them is comfortable. When I wake up I actually look rested!

Our eye area is sensitive and a tired lifestyle can really impact your overall appearance. I have tried lash extensions and honestly they were amazing. I wish I could have kept them, but I just didnt have the time to make it in every couple weeks for a fill. You can read how I got my lashes to grow back HERE.  I try and optimize my routine so it is quick. I throw polish on my nails faster than I sling out a sandwich in the morning. The point is to get the polish on the nails because when they’re painted for the next week you’re going to love them. INVEST in a polish that won’t chip right away! You aren’t going to the nail salon paying for all that extra massaging so do yourself a favor and buy the good polish! I like ESSIE GEL POLISH and my fav color is Pinned up.img_0440

When you do have time babes throw yourself a spa day! I am due and will be doing mine today! Sometimes, ok usually, I get my spa time when my son naps, and if that means its happening at 1 pm and I have to give my toddler youtube for an hour. So be it. Kevin isn’t home enough for me to rely on him to entertain the kids while I take a shower. (No joke, he works ALOT!) So my weekly “spa day” looks like this. I make myself a cold glass of WM Nutrition and bring it in the bathroom with me. I remember shower beer, now it’s more like energy shower.  HA! I drink WM Nutrition DAILY, the pre-workout kicks me into gear even if I am not going to work out (like a real work out, I consider working and cleaning a workout.)

Before my shower I scrub myself head to toe with an exfoliating brush, this is KEY! You will DM me on instagram and say thank you when you do this. Its so good your husband will notice (your welcome.) Don’t skip this step it is huge and will seriously make your body feel cleaner. In the shower, I use my fav purple shampoo and a hair mask. I let that soak while I shave. When I am done with my shower and my skin is dry. I spray tan. I only use Norvell Venetian spray and I have an airbrush machine, but you can also get the foam or spray which work just as good. I found it more cost effective to buy the galloon solution and airbrush machine, because I Spray tan weekly.  I wrote a blog post all about how to self tan HERE and I also included tips on how to make your spray tan last HERE.

Mama doesn’t have time to go to a spray tan salon and I definitely won’t be sitting down in the sun any time soon. After my spray tan, I throw my SNOW teeth whitening gel on and plug in the light. While I am doing this I paint my nails. I grab the blow dryer and blow my nails with warm air till they’re almost dry…Then I start putting on my makeup. This sounds like a long routine but all of this probably takes me about 40 minutes not more than that. Don’t forget to drink your WM Nutrition while you are doing this because it will kick in before you are done! I do my makeup carefully so I don’t smudge my nails. At this point I am sort of flying through the routine just trying to get everything done before one of my kids needs me. (I did not say this was a relaxing spa routine- “mama dont have time for that”) My makeup routine is simplified because I got my brows Microbladded! I went to Danielle at the Browtician in Keene NH. I love my eyebrows!! I go makeup free all the time now and I look fantastic because my brows are on point. A full blog post about microblading is coming soon. I have a touch-up appointment in a couple weeks and I want to make sure I write about the entire experience from start to finish.

Blow drying my hair is last on my to-do list because my hair will dry perfectly straight if I just let it air dry… I have thin hair and its very fine. Yay me but not really I love big hair. I am getting extensions next week to add volume! I am SO excited! Basically that’s my self-care routine. These are all the things that make me not look tired and they work. Feeling good is step one, caffeine is step two and faking it till you make it is step 3. Let me know if you have any questions at all! I would love to help you fight the tired too.

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