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Free People fall mini dresses, yes, please! Love the boho style and I love this time of year!! One day its hot, one day its cold (kinda like my personality lol) seriously I love being able to jump from a mini dress to a cozy sweater one day to the next. I can not get enough Free People this fall. A Free People mini dress with boots is one of my favorite fall outfits and a definite must have in your closet is this mini dress from Free People. 

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There is no arguing that fall in New England is the best! Cider donuts, apple picking, hot cider drinks (spiked with a little something) I just love the cozy vibes. I have been visiting historic Deerfield a lot because it is right down the road from me but also is the epitome of fall vibes! I explored the town gift shop and one of my fav local restaurants wearing this mini dress.  On a warm fall day, there is nothing I want to wear more than a  Free People mini dress and knee-high boots! Free People is one of my favorite stores to shop for all clothing, but their boho style mini dresses give me all the heart eyes. I wore this outfit to the local fair, out on date night and grabbing a breakfast with a friend. I threw on a cute floppy hat during the day and it made the perfect day date outfit. There are a lot of items from Free People that are essential in my wardrobe but this Free People mini dress is on the top 3 of my fall must-haves list. 


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My hat and boots are both affordable options, but they look so good who would even know! I will link them here because they’re definite fall must-haves.Heading out for the day now and tonight Kev and I are heading to dinner at our fav italian restaurant!

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