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10-10 it will always be my favorite date. On 10-10-12 Kevin asked me to be his wife. On the beach, in Miami FL. This is my favorite day because it meant that Kevin had decided, planned, and perfectly executed a flawless proposal. I was totally surprised! We met in 2010. At a gas station. We were pumping gas on opposite sides and I complimented his motorcycle and the rest is history. We have been through it all, growing Kevins business, building a home, raising puppies, having a baby, having a miscarriage, building a house… It is a lot for a young couple to go through in less than 10 years. We work extremely hard to keep our love tank from running empty because love is what keeps us together at the end of the day.

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Today is Wednesday but I am already looking forward to the weekend. This weekend is date night! FINALLY, it hasn’t been that long but it feels like its been forever! I don’t know about you but I really start to miss my husband if we don’t get a date night in a couple times a month. Date nights are so important for us because Kevin works really long hours. We are up by 5AM and he comes home after 5 pm, usually by 8. Just in time to catch the kids for a bit before they go to bed… Summer is a really busy time for Kevin’s construction company. It can be really hard not having him around during the week. Not having a partner to parent with definitely wears me down. In an effort to keep the family bond strong and love tank full here is what we do.

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Kevin and I have talked about how important it is that he comes home and bonds with the kids and it is really the cutest thing when he arrives. The kids get so excited and drag Kevin into the playroom. We cherish those moments when he is able to come home before the kid’s bedtime.  There is just never going to be enough time in the day. You cant create it so you have to make the best of what you have. I would do anything to help Kevin have more time, but there really isn’t anything I can do except love and support him.

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Love and support do more for a relationship than most of us realize. When we support each other through encouragement and compliments we are building confidence in each other. When your partner praises you, you begin to feel like you are winning. When you love someone it is your lifelong goal to make them happy. I mean, make sure they are happy…. When Kevin gets worn out I remember to respect his struggle, love him, and help him find the confidence to achieve his goal. Doing this builds him up and it helps keep our love tank full. If we get sucked into the daily grind and lose our connection it gets harder and hard to get it back. Which is why date night is so important.

you are the one that is responsible for the motion in your families ocean… if the sea is rough, it is up to mom and dad to steer the ship! I can tell you that it is 100% a team effort to keep a boat afloat.  Kevin and I have learned that no matter what, no matter how shitty we feel we HAVE to show love. Love is the wind in the sail… The family bond starts to feel weak when Kev and I are losing our connection. It happens because of our crazy schedules. So when the weekdays just roll into the next we make a huge effort to take time for date night and family time on Sunday. Every family goes through moments when they are drifting apart. Don’t beat yourself up. What is so great about being married is that you get to fall in love with the same person a million times. There’s going to be moments that you will drift apart. Then you will rediscover each other and remember the love that brought you together.


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Unless you really put in a conscious effort its easy to feel like “two ships passing in the night.” Kevin and I are both really busy, we don’t take much time for ourselves and have paid the price for burning the candle at both ends more than just once.  Sometimes you learn the best lessons by hitting rock bottom. I am not afraid to admit that. We are a self-employed family. I do the best I can to help out but Kevin is the “breadwinner” for sure and I have to respect that he is busy running his business and keeping all of our employees busy 40 hours a week. By respect I mean let him do what he needs to do and give him the patience and support he deserves and needs! I don’t really know how Kevin does it, having 5 divisions going and managing all he does. It is definitely a big misconception that business owners have it easy. We are actually extremely limited as to what we can do and when we can travel because of the business. We have to keep things going and often times the weekend is our catch up time whether that be housework for me or office work for Kevin. There is only so much time in one day. Here are 5 ways we keep our family bond strong during the week.

The 3 cs of marriage! Commitment, Compromise, Communication! These 3 things are the foundation of a good relationship. I also remember 2 more words, respect and trust!






Keeping these 5 words and their meanings in mind when interacting with your spouse will keep your love tank full. I have shared some of the ways I relate these 5 ways of keeping the love tank full in my marriage, I would love to hear what has worked for you!


our engagement picture! we were such baby faces!!

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