Happy Holiday weekend! It’s Columbus day today. In my mind, it’s the official kickoff of fall and the holiday season. This is the time that foliage starts to peak in New England, and I am loving it! The next holiday is Halloween and before we know it Thanksgiving and Christmas! Koko is already asking if the Christmas holiday is tomorrow. Are your kids already anticipating snow and the Christmas holiday? Maybe because I already ordered our holiday photo cards from Basic Invite?! I couldn’t resist the sale! It’s not the best weather today but I hope you have the day off from work. I know a lot of us don’t get a holiday today. Kevin and I included. We took a long weekend a few weeks ago to go to Marthas Vineyard. Aside from that, we didn’t take more than a day off all summer. Knowing that our Marthas Vineyard vacation was going to be our only one in 2017 we decided to have a photographer shoot some family photos. We love how the photos Larisa captured came out so much that we ordered our holiday photo cards from Basic Invite using the pictures from our vacation. It was our first vacation as a family of 4, I will cherish these beautiful shots forever.

family photos plaid

The weather was very cold and extremely windy, but we made the best of it in our Patagonia sweaters. The kids look so cute in their furry zip ups, I love the ears on Kalvins. Thankfully Larisa had no problem capturing our family at the beach. We are having so much fun watching the kids have fun. Traditions are starting for my little family. 

Holidays are really important to bring entire families together and that is what makes this time of the year so special, right!  Some family we don’t even get to see during the holidays so mailing them a holiday photo card every year from Basic Invite is a for sure must. I can’t imagine how our aunts and uncles who live across the country felt when they didn’t get a card last year! I totally dropped the ball and feel so bad. I am making up for it this year, I made sure to order ours early from Basic Invite so there are no excuses! The holidays bring us together as a little family too, the traditions leading up to each one, the preparations and decorating. Love it all!! I would love it if you shared some of your holiday traditions with me! As a fairly new mom, I am learning as I go.

basic invite Hiring a photographer during our vacation is something I will be sure to do every year! I love these candid shots of us together. I never would have got a photo of the 4 of us together if I didn’t hire Larisa. Isn’t it such a great idea. I am so glad I did this for our first vacation as a complete family! Queue the happy tears! I just love it. If cost is concerning check out facebook for photographer events in the area you are going, sometimes there are mini sessions you can join! Or just email and ask how much for a quick 30 min session, you would be so surprised how many shots you can get in half hour. Family vacation photos really make the perfect holiday photo cards and Basic Invite made our Truly Custom design so easy! They have so many options on their easy to use website along with gorgeous foil, color options, and fonts. Uploading my pics and ordering a free proof online was super convenient and helpful. I got a quick proof from Basic Invite and Kevin, of course, LOVED it! I was so happy when I found out about Basic Invites FREE address capturing service. I struggle to stay organized and somehow I lost all my addresses, that I had written down. (Now that we have moved into our new house I am committed to getting myself organized!!) The address capturing service saved me from having to ask around! I connected my Facebook and all the addresses I wanted were right there! Saved me so much time, they even printed the address on the envelope! Thank you Basic Invite mama has no time for handwriting addresses on envelopes.

Right now Basic Invite is having a sale with code 15FF51.  It’s not too late to plan a halloween party either. Check out these vintage halloween party invitations.  Next year when both my kids can participate in Halloween I am totally having a cute party! These vintage halloween party invitations totally inspire me!


It is the perfect time to print out Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving invitations. Look how cute these examples are!!Basic_Invite_Thanksgiving_Invitations.jpg

Basic Invite totally has me inspired to send everyone I know a card! All my boss babes a business Christmas card is the perfect way to say thank you to all those people you work with every year! I am ordering business cards and business Christmas cards next week. I can’t wait too see how cute they are with my new logo on them!

This is a sponsored post by BASIC INVITE. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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