Looking for a life-changing, super easy skincare regimen? That is also affordable? Maybe you have heard about Rodan and Fields skincare and want to learn more. Whatever it is about skincare that brought you here to my blog I am glad you are here because I am very excited to share with you my experience with Rodan and Fields! I love skincare products. Like really love them. I believe so strongly about using a skincare system because your skin is the first thing everyone notices. Therefore, in my life having an excellent skincare regimen has always been my top priority. Of course, that means that I have tried many many skincare products, and spent thousands of dollars looking for skincare products that I love. In my teens, I had acne filled skin for a good portion of my life. I knew nothing about skincare. I learned through trial and error and years of experimentation with different skincare products and ingredients on how to manage my acne and shrink my pore size. Now that I am in my 30s I have fine lines. Skincare is super important at this stage in my life. I must maintain the elasticity and start now to prevent wrinkles. Let’s jump into how Rodan and Fields has become a skincare system I love and recommend!

If you have been researching skincare regimens lately and have determined you would like to try a skincare regimen from Rodan and Fields, awesome!! I assume you have taken the skincare assessment tool and have found that the Rodan and Fields Redefine Regimen was suggested for you. If not head on over and take the quick survey it will help determine what skincare system you need. 

The Redefine Regimen is a skincare system that will help decrease the size of pores and reduce fine lines. It is a 3 step system, consisting of a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. The cleanser has a gentle texture and can be used as a mask, I love that it exfoliates and gets deep in my pores to clear away impurities, plus leaves my skin super smooth. Next in the Redefine Regimen from Rodan and Fields is the toner, with a couple quick swipes off this on a cotton ball polyhydroxy acids gobble up any grim in your pores and tighten those babies up. Next is the moisturizer, they’re labeled, on the lid so you can’t mistake them! Subtle little detail but I love it! Pick AM or PM and you’re done!

I had to add a few extras to my routine because my botox wore off super quick this year. Which is weird because they used more than I have ever got before… has that happen to anyone else? Anyways, I am thinking and typing, let me get back on track… So, I was beginning to tell you how I added the Rodan and Fields AMP MD Dermaroller and the Redefine intensive renewing serum. The purpose of the roller is to amplify the power of the products applied to your skin and visibly firm skin! Look at my side by sides! Crazy good results in one month… using the Rodan and Fields AMP MD Dermaroller and Redefine intensive renewing serum.


The Rodan and Fields Redefine skin care regimen is easy to use and effective! I also had amazing results with the Lashboost serum.  Meghan uses her instagram for her business so don’t be shy to follow along and message her your questions! There are so many products that I have not mentioned that I can not wait to try! There new derma cosmetic Radiant Defense looks amazing! I am waiting for mine to come in, the product just launched a few days ago! 8d6e7ae4-9276-4498-bf2f-f883c48515b0

You can message Meghan Pellitier with any questions about Rodan and Fields you may have on either FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM! She is my consultant and she gives great deals too!

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