Hey guys! I have been all over the place mentally and as far as content goes… I share it all, home, kids, beauty, fashion, there’s really nothing I wouldn’t tell you all. Truth is I am always all over the place. Constantly juggling a million different things trying to master them all gracefully. Life isn’t that graceful with two toddlers involved, so when you see me with perfect makeup just know my vanity is a complete disaster because of tiny hands reaching up to “try to look like mommy too.” When I’m dressed I had to put my kids in a pack n play or entertain one of them with YouTube just so I could pick an outfit. It’s easier for me to get completely dressed up than casual. Weird, but I spend more damn time making sure my butt is covered when I have leggings on that I just throw on jeans instead. Lol! Anyone else?! I’ll work on finding legging friendly tops to share!

So all this chaos makes me super anxious, I am exhausted and rely heavily on caffeine so that also makes me anxious! When I need a breather I have a couple mantras that I repeat…

“Ive survived all of the difficult moments of my past”

” I am open to all the ways the universe wants to bless me”

“I am doing enough I have enough I am enough”

“I appreciate everything that I have; the things that I don’t have will come someday.”

Sometimes remembering these things help to chill me out. I have also recently found MONQ! This product was sent to me and I am being compensated to create content for this review but I will tell you Kevin and I both love it! We have been using essential oils for years! 4 I think… I have anxiety blends that I use to chill out and blends for cleaning and illness. If you don’t use essential oils yet for sure look into starting it’s a life-changing move.

I found the blog on MONQs website to be very helpful with how to use these diffusers. I came across these posts about how time-pressed parents cope and it really resonated with me. In fact, I am that parent… even as I type this post I am sitting in my kitchen watching (referring), my kids… Just trying to make a deadline. I am honestly really looking forward to running out to my car and getting my ZEN diffuser and having a cup of tea! I love my new way of relaxing, in my past, I would always turn to wine but never felt relief. I am very thankful thank MONQ sent me these diffusers and I look forward to continuing to use them.


So what’s MONQ?! MONQ is an organic oral diffuser, you inhale through the pen and exhale through your nose. The sensation of the essential oils “tantalizes” (there really isn’t a better word haha) your senses… the purpose is to enhance your inner mood and self-awareness so that you are able to exhale into a state of your choice… there are 11 varieties to choose from including Sexy, Happy, Zen, Vibrancy, Wellness, and even pumpkin spice!

MONQ contains no tobacco, nicotine. There are many many uses for MONQ other than for stress and anxiety relief I have also found that the happy diffuser is helpful when I am really enjoying a moment to myself or trying to relax. Like I said, essential oils are life changing. Once you bring your relationship with EO you will find endless uses for them.

I use essential oils throughout my home and love bringing them with me. It isn’t always practical to have an oil with you, one leaked once inside my LV (at least it smells good for life now.) These oral diffusers by MONQ are extremely discreet and you can use them anywhere.

I would love to hear your techniques for relaxation and relieving stress! As always thank you for reading. 💓☮️

Although I was compensated for this post by MONQ all comments and opinions are my own.

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