Tired moms, I have a secret weapon. Many of us are overwearing our tired badge as if its a badge of honor. I totally felt like I was apart of the cool club because I was a tired mom! Now I am on team happy mom and I just have to share my story. Huckleberry is an app that is managed by sleep experts, they follow your child’s data and make unique recommendations. They totally get it, I gave it a try and loved reading their suggestions!

Even princesses need to get their beauty sleep

I have experienced it all in regards to sleeping habits in my babies. Koko who is now 3 was a terrible sleeper, from the day she was born she woke up every 3 hours and always wanted to nurse when she woke up. I was a help-less, stubborn first-time mom. My husband and I had no clue what to do. I ended up sleeping in Koko’s room on a mattress because it was so disruptive having to get up with her all the time. Kevin had to run a business and work 12 hour days so he needed sleep at night. I ended up sleeping any time I could. I didn’t want to completely give in and let her sleep in my bed so she slept in her bassinet in her room until she was big enough to put in her crib. I had no idea what to do, I followed schedules, I kept journals, but nothing worked. I eventually just accepted I had a terrible sleeper… I will say it got easier, I just got used to waking up all the time, which sucks. My mood was definitely affected. I was frustrated and grumpy and I just wanted this phase to be over. Which is why I decided to have my kids close together, If I was going to go through this I wanted it to be in a close period of time, thinking it would be less traumatic?! LOL kinda funny to admit that, but I know that a lot of you feel the same way because you’ve told me!

I whispered he was my favorite in his ear – JK!

When I got pregnant Koko was 15 months. I was so nervous that I would literally never sleep. I imagined having a newborn and toddler waking up and just losing my marbles trying to care for them.  I started researching for a solution and came across Huckleberry. I started using Huckleberry app on my phone and implemented some of their suggestions with Koko before Kalvin was born. These changes helped the whole family! Having Huckleberry gave me confidence as a mom. I wished I knew these techniques when Koko was younger! Kevin was a really light sleeper and would not fall back to sleep if he got woken up since trying their techniques it has helped him stay asleep at night. I was really impressed when the techniques helped him too! Koko’s sleeping habit of waking during the night diminished and then finally stopped when she turned 2. Kalvin was born the following month.

Thanks to my secret weapon Huckleberry app Kalvin has been an amazing sleeper his entire life. I am so busy that sometimes I loose track of time, but thanks to the SweetSpot feature I get a reminder about the best time for Kalvins nap! So I don’t miss out on that “SweetSpot,” which is a time window of tiredness right before your child becomes overtired! When my kids are overtired they become insanely wild, running into walls and totally hard to manage and calm. So I am always trying to avoid missing that “SweetSpot.”  I totally believe that if I hadn’t implemented the techniques I learned about from the sleep experts at Huckleberry I would have been sleep-deprived and frustrated at this point.

Try Huckleberry by downloading the app from your phone app store today or click here to read more on their website.


I was compensated by Huckleberry to review this product but all statements made are my own. 

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