I spend 80% of my day in my Kitchen. I often work in my Kitchen too. So, of course, I would decorate my kitchen for the holidays and make it the best room in the house. I love bringing in twinkly lights, flowers, leaves, and pumpkins! I recently took a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and found all of these decorations there!

Bed Bath & Beyond Manchester Ct is one of the first stores to update their layout recently included furniture and seasonal items! So shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond is that much more fun now! I seriously always find the most unique and helpful kitchen gadgets while I am there and how can I resist the decor!

I have shared a few sneak peaks with you guys but now I am sharing the whole thing, including my dining room table! I am very excited about our first Thanksgiving in our new home so decorating the table was very special!

I have been filling my home with all things fall and the pumpkin spice essential oils and diffuser that I got at Bed Bath & Beyond really makes the room smell amazing! I also wanted to show you guys this coffee maker that I have been using now for a while. I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond last year and absolutely love it! Which is saying a lot, because I have been through about 5 coffee makers in the last 3 years. It makes a carafe of coffee that stays hot for hours and in the afternoon when I want a pick me up or I am craving a latte I can make a single cup with espresso using the specialty brew option! YES! The one thing it didn’t come with was the milk frother, so when I was at Bed Bath & Beyond I was on a mission to get one. I brought this one home and its super easy to use! Which is great because I have used some pretty complex machines before and the fact that all I need to do is pour in the milk and hit a button is a total home run!

When I am making my latte at home with this coffee maker and milk frother from Bed Bath & Beyond I start with strong coffee! I am obsessed with flavored cream so I mix a bit of milk with my fav creamer, right now its the pumpkin spice! Froth it up and pour it in, It comes out perfect every time thanks to the timer on the machine!

This is just another one of those treasures that I found while shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond! I got a tip from a store employee while I was visiting and she said that everywhere in the store that there are balloons is a highly discounted sale item! The seasonal and furniture items are truly treasures because they are unique to each store and not available online! I love this concept because one thing I strive for when decorating is being unique! Bed Bath & Beyond has so many treasures and their new layout makes shopping a true treasure hunt! The store I visited was in Manchester CT and Bed Bath & Beyond sponsored my trip to the store and this post. It’s important that I share with you guys the new things coming to Bed Bath & Beyond, just in time for the holidays, get everything you need to decorate and hostess all in one place! LOVE IT!

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