lashes and leopard

Obsessed, how I feel about basically all things leopard and black. I am also OBSESSED with BIG LASHES! Which is why I got lash extensions. I loved them, but then I missed my fill appointment and was frustrated at what I was left with…


lashes and leopardleopard and lashesYou probably read my raving review about lash extensions and now you are back here wondering wtf happened. Well, life happened, I missed my appointment for a fill and they got spars, and then I realized omg my lashes are missing… Then I thought wtf am I going to do. So I just never went back for a fill. I am totally not going to tell you that lashes were not the best thing EVER, because they were, but they are just too much maintence for me. unfortunately, right now, but I WILL go back to them soon, hopefully spring time… Anyways.

I told you guys on my insta stories that I was back on the mascara band wagon… ugh. (I hate mascara) So I have been trying a couple different mascaras lately. Someone mentioned to me that they had a similar experience with their lashes and they bought Rodan and Fields lash boost. One of my amazing followers on IG told me her experience and gave me her consultants contact info. If you guys are interested in using LASH BOOST click here to contact Meghan. Rodan and Fields is an awesome skin care company which I will tell you more about another time. Meghan is one of their consultants and would be happy to help answer any questions you may have right now! I am loving my results from using their products.

Long story short I got the Lash Boost serum and have been using it for almost 3 weeks. You guys! MY lashes are so nice now!! They grew back so fast and thick too, I am obsessed. I highly recommend contacting Meghan if you are interested in hearing more!

The 3 mascaras that I bought are Tarte “Lights, Cameras, Flashes.”  Maybelline “total temptation” and Benefit “Badgal BANG” . I filmed myself putting them each on so you can see how they apply. It was really interesting to me because I had never actually done this before and really noticed the minor details that make a difference while doing it. Go check out my IG story highlights to see and listen to my critique of each one.

Long story short the Tarte formula was drier and required so many coats, but the wand was great and I liked how it didnt clump my lashes together… just required way too many coats.lashes and leopard

The maybelline brand wand was way too bulky, it hit my eyelid and made a mess… It also was not spreading my lashes because of all the fiberish bristles so I wouldnt recommend this one.

“Bad Gal BANG” by Benefit is my fav of these three. The wand seperates your lashes so good and the solution is thin and dark and it coats your lashes so perfectly. You wont need as many coats. I do put on a bunch of coats but I dont redip the brush until I got to the next eye…. My technique for getting length is to keep going back and forth a few times so that a coat has a minute to dry on an eye before you go back and do another.- do you follow me? That is why it is important that the formula and the brush do not make your lashes clump once you go back and add more…. cheaper brands, especially those wandy brushes do this. If you dont get what I am saying , go check out my stories on IG for a video.

If you guys have any other recommendations for sure let me know on here or on IG! I am going to keep trying different brands because I am not convinced yet this is the best. It is the 21 days of beauty event at ULTA right now. while writing this post I noticed that my go to highlight n contour palettes are part of the sale!


Thank you to my talented photographer Larisa Stinga    a true island girl, Larisa lives on Marthas Vineyard! Follow her on Instagram while she travels Hawaii this winter

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