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You guys have heard me say over and over how much I love riding my husbands Harley. As a busy mom there aren’t many places I can go for some peace and mental clarity. You know not even the bathroom is private if you’re a mom. When I started riding Kevin’s bike way back in the day I loved it, but I didn’t truly begin to appreciate the ride until recently, after becoming a mom and desperately needing peace.

Harley Davidson in Laconia ICONIC in the biker world…

There is nothing like the view from the back of a bike. It is so much different from a ride in a car. Dont you feel forced to make conversation, look at your phone,  find some distraction to just get the ride over with? Well NOT on a motorcycle. The music (we are lucky our bike is super comfortable and has an amazing stereo) plays and we just take the scenic roads and enjoy. From the back of the bike I relax, 100%. There is no other way you could get me to relax better. The wind drowns out any challenging thoughts that may slip into your mind and you just find ourself gliding along the curves of the road…. sounds sexy right. IT IS but you do need to dress conservatively and smart… of course there are things you can buy that are specifically for riding… but its not really my style all the time. I didn’t think you guys would care about what I was wearing for a bike ride but so many of you have asked for my recommendations on what to wear while riding I decided to add to my post.


obsessed with the new gear my awesome hubby bought me

I always go for comfort but remember that I am on a date with my hubby so I keep it cute at the same time. I pack the leggings in the saddle bag and usually throw them on, on the way home if we are gone for a long ride and it will be getting chilly.


I often just wear shorts a T shirt and sneakers. Just regular clothes… If we are going down the road to grab dinner or something.  If it’s a longer ride I wear pants and a shoe with a small heel so that my feet stay on the foot pegs easily… you don’t want to slip off and have your foot hit the pavement been there done that.

I always wear my hair in braids. I love my messy braid look and it stays together better than a regular braid does..and of course I pack a cute hat because I get helmet head. lol.

I have layers packed usually and back in the day when we didn’t have saddle bags for my belongings I would wear a cross body bag and put a couple of things into that if I needed to and just wear it while riding. (Pro tip- a cute backpack would work now that those are in style!)



Laconia is an iconic place for bikers, we visited the Harley Davidson store there and I stocked up on lots of new gear!

KEV and rob

My Two handsome tour guides

While we were in town we visited Weirs Beach. You wouldn’t think that there would be such a nice beach and boardwalk on a lake but lake winnipesaukee has it all. I had to stop for some candy for Koko (it was her request when we left to bring her home candy lol.) We also stopped for lunch at the town docks restaurant. Everything is accessible by boat in Meredith and Laconia along lake “winni” and it makes the experience by boat so much fun. This was the first time I had gone exploring around the back roads and around the entire lake. The views from the bike were gorgeous and its definitely worth taking the ride if you are ever visiting.


The sweetest poem on a wall at the Town Docks restaurant in Meredith NH


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