Congratulations! It is likely you are reading this because you are pregnant. Pregnancy is special and beautiful but there are some things you simply MUST-HAVE. I have been pregnant 3 times in the last 3 years and have experienced the not so nice sides of pregnancy. I am happy to share a list of 15 pregnancy must-haves.  maternity photo pregnancy must haves

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So happy for you mama, there’s nothing like seeing your tiny little human for the first time and watching them grow their first year. It’s worth the struggle for sure. Is this your first or fifth pregnancy? Let me know in the comments. Either way, though some of the newest pregnancy must-haves will m

pregnancy must haves

First and foremost you need a good prenatal. I found one that didnt make me nauseous like a lot of others I tried and linked it here.

I love leggings during pregnancy, you will too and you will likely live in them. The ones with the supportive band that goes over the belly is comfortable and supportive during those last couple months. A fetal doppler also made my list (technically should be medically trained to use one) there can be nothing more reassuring than hearing your babies heartbeat… I took MANY trips to the doctor just to check because I was paranoid and hardly felt kicks because my first baby was breech. In case you think you wont want to read a pregnancy book during your pregnancy, I would like to tell you from experience, you will. There are SO many things going on with your body- you will definitely need a book or 10 to guide you.

A pregnancy pillow is something that you will look at, see the price tag and say no way am I going to buy a hundred dollar pillow. OH BUT YOU WILL! This of all things should be numero uno on your list! SLEEP IS GOLD while you are pregnant, and if this is your first baby oh hunny ENJOY sleep now… you will NEVER sleep again! LOL. I can not even tell you how much I LOVED my pregnancy pillow. You may be wondering why the belly bandit is on my list, take it from someone who had a breech baby and another stuck between her pelvis and ribs… you will need some kind of apparatus to hold up your belly. A simple support belt doesnt hold up your belly, it just helps keep up your pants. So I bought all 3 and found the most useful to be the Belly Bandit because I used it way more after pregnancy than I did during. It also helps make you feel more comfortable if you have a Csection.

If you are wondering why a fitness ball made my list, hunny this ball is going to be your new chair. Let’s just say your bum is going to be very sore and your hips are going to be on fire and this ball is about the only way you are going to sit down and not be uncomfortable. It can also be used to help baby down the birth canal.

I also recommend investing in some good slippers, robe and joggers because this is going to be your attire 98% of your days from now until your baby is 3 months old. I say 3 months because really you are going to have your hands full and be sleep deprived for the first 3 months of your new babies life. They call this the 4th trimester… Last but not least a good quality camera, get one now and learn to use to because you are going to have a billion adorable moments that you will want to capture and you will appreciate having the high-quality shots. oh oh if you are looking for a comfortable bra that will get you thru pregnancy and nursing here it is.  It is seriously the most comfortable bra, your aching boobs will thank me.

I tried really hard to keep it all positive but lets be honest for a second, you are tired, sore, hormonal, and your skin is stretching in ways you never knew it could…  hang in there mama and most importantly find your tribe, it is so helpful to go thru this process with other pregnant moms even if its an online group.

IF you guys have any questions at all, I am totally an open book, I have gone thru the list…. breech, preeclampsia, postpartum depression, miscarriage, csection x2, I am happy to chat if you DM me on IG or send me an email. Pregnancy is hard, I hope you find my list of must-haves helpful. Again congratulations and welcome to the mom club!



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