Hey babes!! Summer is officially here. We are planning beach trips for the end of July and in August and I can’t wait. Getting a tan can be a struggle, lets face it moms don’t get much down time to sit and tan. Also, as I have gotten older I have become more focused on preventing wrinkles so I avoid the sun most of the time. In order to look like I just stepped off the beach I apply Norvell Venetian sunless tan weekly.


I have found Norvell Venetian self tanner looks the best because it is made with anti-orange technology.  Applying Norvell sunless tanning mousse is so easy with the specially designed application mitt.  I am obsessed with NORVELL Venetian sunless tanning products. I have an entire blog post dedicated to my self tanning routine HERE. After any self-tanner is applied it is important to care for your skin to prolong the tan. There is a couple of things that I have learned that will help prolong your tan. Be sure to read my blog post about how I get ready for my tan HERE.

After you have applied your Norvell Venetian self tanning mousse and have let it develop for 8 hours ( I recommend 16) shower in warm not hot water.  I apply my self tanning products after a shower in the morning and let them sit on my skin all day. Before bed I take a quick warm shower to rinse off. After I gently dry my skin I apply lotion.

As you know it is important to moisturize and nourish our skin. It is especially important after a sunless tan to keep your skin moisturized with your favorite lotion. Keeping your skin hydrated helps maintain an even tan. The Norvell Venetian color extender is a great product to add to your moisturizing routine! I love the firming benefits of the CC cream and the bronze glow that it gives my skin! It also smells so yummy, the scent reminds me of the beach. Is it weird that I always want to buy lotions that smell like coconut and pina coladas? lol! I also want to look like I was at the beach all year long, which is why I am so obsessed with self tanning.


One thing for sure though self tanner does not stick to your face for long, especially if you are like me and exfoliate ( I use my trophy skin REJUVADERM MD system.) The Norvell Venetian mist for faces work really well because it is a microfine mist that evenly and softly tans your face.  I also make sure my foundation matches my tan body, not the color of my face when I go for a color matching at Sephora. Here are some beauty products I am currently loving. I use the color sand in the tarte perfect peach foundation.

It really is easy to maintain a sunless tan with the Norvell Venetian Sunless Collection. Norvell is the number one professional sunless tanning product. The rapid developing anti-orange tan uses Vio-7 technology and looks totally natural. A tan enhances and balances your skin tones. Dont forget with my special code meganmarie30 you can save 30% off your purchase. Click HERE to shop!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I feel so thankful to have partnered with Norvell to share a product I truly love with you. <3 Thanks Norvell!

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