Hi babes! If you have been following me on IG at all you know I am a busy mama. I love to look good, but lets face it, kids take alot out of you. Mine are almost 3 and 10 months, so I dont stop… I find ways to get ready every day and it works for us, but simplifying my routine has been KEY since Kalvin started crawling…. I cant take my eyes off him. Speaking of EYES, have you seen my new Lavish Lashes??? I am obsessing over them.

I am so excited to share my experience with you because I now truly believe that lash extensions are the best thing you can do for yourself. Skip nails, skip facials – do them yourself at home, and have a Lavish Lashes stylist give you a full set of natural feeling lashes. Find a LAVISH LASHES stylist near you

I had my lashes done by Alyssa at Carve Beauty Bar in Holyoke MA. Alyssa took the time to put my lashes on and I told her about my bad experience 5 years ago with lash extensions. She assured me that I wouldn’t even feel these and I would love the length. My experience with lashes in the past was not good, my lashes were super uncomfortable and they didn’t last more than 2 weeks. I guess the place I went was cheap and not properly trained… I had Alyssa give me long high drama lashes because that is the way I love my eyes to look. I am so surprised that I literally can’t even tell I have these Lavish Lashes extensions on, unless I am looking at myself in the mirror. I have had my lashes now for 2 weeks and I only noticed about 5 fall out. My fill is scheduled for next week and I am so excited to see what Alyssa says when she sees them. I am super impressed how little have fallen out. like, is this normal? I think the best thing about these lashes besides the fact that they are so natural feeling is that they are seriously lasting so long!

I literally get up and go now! I have always said all I need is Coffee, spray tan, and mascara and I am good to go…. screw standing in front of the mirror coating your eyes in mascara (while your kids pull at your legs, mamas where you at??!) I am all about coffee, spray tan, lash extensions now!!! Message Alyssa on IG for an appointment or find a LAVISH LASHES stylist near you.

If you are kind of frugal like me and think you don’t want to invest the money here is my thought process on making it work for your budget. Skip nails and facials and do them yourself at home. I like to splurge once or twice a year on an amazing facial… Get balyage and a shadow root hair color.  Carve beauty bar has amazing stylists they’re all trained in the best techniques. If you get a balyage and shadow root you can go longer between coloring, which will help you save some money so you can get your lashes done every month. My routine is hair 6 weeks, lashes 4 weeks, and I am thrilled I am at the salon 2 times a month because they serve wine at Carve and mama needs some ME TIME!

ok lash rant ended, but seriously its not… crushing hard! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below I would love to hear them!go follow Alyssa and Lavish Lashes for major lash inspo


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