Heyyyy TGIF! I decided yesterday to take a much needed day off. The stress of our move and chasing the kids has taken a toll on me and my RSD has flared up. I spent the day as simple as I could. I brought the kids for a car ride and we set up a play area on the lawn at the new house… I was able to sit and order some furniture and we really enjoyed the warm breeze. When we came home I napped with Koko, well I napped, she watched youtube next to me. What is it with kids and youtube?! She can sit an watch videos forever, I have to pry the screen away from her. I struggle with mom guilt about screen time a lot, but when I don’t have help and need a break I give in.

I shared on my stories some of my struggle yesterday and really appreciate the support! You guys messaged me and text me and it made me feel good you care! I just wanted you to see another side of me. I think most of me is a bratty stay at home mom who complains way too much and thinks the world is going to end at the next toddler tantrum…. but really it might…. I think I have a hard time showing my gratitude? I tend to be an anxious person so that really comes across as bitchy to people. Another trait I own is that I am majorly OCD, I have a tendency to over do everything, take my house project for example… Kevin has been such a trooper putting up with all my CUSTOM requests. I have just about stumped and challenged every sub contractor on the project. I am at the point now that I just shut myself up because its out of control…. say it with me now, “Megan you are a spoiled brat.” The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Kevin is a saint for tolerating me.

The FIRST sign I bought for our house says this “thank you god for blessing me with way more than I deserve” Its a tiny sign on a 6×6 square piece of wood. It is nothing fancy but it fits perfectly in the living room display shelves and it will forever be my reminder that I am truly SO BLESSED! Life is CRaZy. I get my foot crushed the same year as my wedding to Kevin and loose my ability to work and do sooooo many things but then again I am blessed with this amazing lifestyle by an amazingly wonderful loving husband and father… So the foot injury seems like something I can’t really complain about, because I could have it so much worse. ANYWHOOO. thanks for sticking with me on this little diary entry sort of post tonight, IT HAS BEEN A WEEK. Anyone else feel me on that?!?

I recently found this jumpsuit at TJMAXX and I could live in it. My fav thing to throw on and go was totally a maxi dress. Now It is the jumpsuit. Especially being a busy mom its just such a more practical version of a maxi. Super light weight too, I wore it on a 90 degree day and was not hot at all. I need to hunt down more!!

Its seriously been crazy lately finishing the new house, Kevin is working SO MUCH! You guys are going to love it, it looks absolutely gorgeous and I can not wait to enjoy the fruits of our labor.


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