Hey guys! I took the dogs to the new house to check out the progress and sniff around. Hoping it makes the move a little smoother. I cant believe we are finally moving next week! I am so nervous, I cant wait to see the kids and dogs all settled in! I truly believe that a house is not a home without paw prints. Throughout my life I have only been without a pet for one year. That is 30 years I’ve had an animal by my side every day. I couldn’t even imagine having to give up one of my pets and thinking about what would happen to them breaks my heart. Whenever I think about the animals that are in shelters, homeless, just wishing for family to love them I get so sad. I’m so happy to tell you about an amazing organization today that enables you to help animals in need!

I believe in (3)

poundWISHES is a fundraising platform for animals that are at a shelter near you and across the United States. Any shelter or rescue center can participate on this platform. When I discovered poundWISHES I was so thrilled to become a wish pack member and share my love for animals with you. My monthly donation provides these helpless needy animals with necessities and healthcare or medication that their life may be depending on.

If you are looking for a pet consider adopting by searching poundWISHES. If adopting isn’t right for your family then consider becoming a wish pack member. It really feels great to help those in need, animals included.

Thank you for reading and thank you poundWISHES for sponsoring this post and giving a voice to those who don’t have one.

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