Hey guys! I am really excited about today because  I am partnering with poundWISHES to help give a voice to those who don’t have one. poundWISHES is a fundraising platform that supports rescue animals by donations to improve their health before they find a forever home. “poundWISHES include life-saving surgeries, medications, prosthetic limbs, behavioral retraining, or even round-the-clock care.”

I believe in (3)


My heart breaks for homeless pets and any injured or sick animal, if I could I would adopt them all.  Since I cant fill my home the next best thing is donating to help these animals in need find a place they can have a great life with a family that loves them. When I discovered poundWISHES organization I was so happy to join them as a WISHPACK member. I am so proud that 100% of my donation will help out the animals that desperately need us to save them. I couldn’t believe how many homeless animals with medical needs were in the shelters near me.  You can view and help save the life of an animal in your area by clicking HERE.

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