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Hey guys! I’m celebrating national dog day and the warmer weather by taking the crew for a walk. We really love getting outside and it’s so much fun using the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller. Watching Kalvin smile while I push him makes him and I so happy! My Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller has become my favorite stroller! I have been using it for a couple of months now and I am excited to tell you what I think!


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I’ve used so many different strollers over last 3 years but was still on the hunt for the perfect one! I had a wish list and the top features I was looking for were a lightweight stroller with a large basket!  It is really hard to find both options together.  I also did not want to sacrifice the ability to have the kids face me while I pushed them. In my current double stroller, the seats adjust multiple ways and I always loved having one child face me.  You can read about my double stroller  HERE. The Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller has a very generous basket! When I tried the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller I couldn’t believe how light it was for a full size stroller! Then I took it shopping with me and found that the one handed fold was something that I absolutely loved. Putting the groceries, and kids into the car is a lot of work and the last thing a parent needs after surviving a shopping trip with kiddos is to fumble with a difficult stroller. I can’t explain how great it is to just fold your stroller quick and toss it into your car and be on your way… if you are already a parent then you probably understand….and I bet you are nodding in agreement. If you are not yet a parent and reading this for insight on which stroller you need, I would totally recommend the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller to you!

hands and heart full! using the Ergobaby omni 360 carrier you can read about it HERE

The Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller is a lightweight stroller, that is suitable for ages birth to toddler. This summer the mesh sidewalls will be so great while Kalvin naps on our walks. I have loved using our Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller and I know you will too!

Here are some links to the accessories that come with the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller.

First up the car seat adapter! You need this for sure, there is nothing better than taking a sleeping infant into a store, getting your shopping done, putting them back in the car and getting home ALL BEFORE NAP TIME  ENDS! MOM WIN!

Next, the hail mary of motherhood… ah the snack tray, nothing like whipping out a handful of goldfish to survive the checkout line at the grocery store on saturday afternoon! (Youll thank me later for the snack tray!)
Finally, piece of mind, found in the comfort cushion! Use this to prop babes head and rest assured your little one will rest safely. For a limited time only! Get a FREE Comfort Cushion with the purchase of a 180 Stroller when you use code “comfort” at check out!

Finally guys I had to include the specs on the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller, because if you are like me you are a comparission shopper thru and thru!

Product Specifications

  • Stroller Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Folded dimensions: L 30” x W 23.5” x H 14”
  • Unfolded dimensions: L 35.5” x W 23.5” x H 40”
  • Maximum Head Room (Seat Back Height): 24”
  • Seat Depth: 11”
  • Handlebar Height: 39” – 42”

Hope you guys LOVE your Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller as much as I do! thanks so much for stopping bye!

Ergobaby did graciously provide the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller for this review, however, all opinions are my own, and were formed after I used the stroller for several weeks.


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