Hey guys! How are you! I have been feeling the winter blues lately and basically living on tacos and pizza (gluten free of course.) I am trying to get back on track with eating healthier and supplementing for things I don’t always eat, like vegetables. I am also cutting dairy, which helps so much with bloating for me. I took a trip to the vitamin shoppe the other day and grabbed some things which I shared on my instastories with you guys.


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One of the things that I found and love is this celsius fitness drink. It is a bit like redbull in the sense that it energizes, but it’s healthy! I loved it so I ended up ordering a case on Amazon.

The other item that I am loving right now is this Green Vibrance matcha flavor drink mix. I really do not eat enough vegetables so I decided to drink them, and I love this recipe for a super food green tea “frap” that I came up with! It tastes just like the Starbucks green tea frap and it is just healthy!

Here is my recipe guys!

Super food Green tea “Frap”

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