Hey guys!! Hope you had a great weekend. Kevin and I spent the weekend going over house details. I mentioned on Instagram how we added more and the move in date got pushed back another month.  No big deal really we want the house to be perfect so it has been a balance of taking out time yet rushing to move in. I am realizing how dramatically different our lives are going to be once we move. Right now we live in a single level house that is a quarter the size of the house we are building.  In our current home, I tiptoe around when the kids are sleeping and I time my cleaning so I don’t wake them up. It sounds silly but we won’t have to do that when we move and I am REALLY looking forward to letting go of that anxiety. I am also looking forward to having a place for everything and not feeling like the walls are closing in on me.


kitchen villa komosa

I designed this kitchen with help from Vartanian cabinets. The cabinets will be white and the island is an olive green

furniture I came up with this to see if the pottery barn furniture we are loving worked with the Chandeliers we chose. I love chandeliers here are the ones we chose for above the kitchen island over the breakfast nook table and foyer chandelier.

I am so proud of him!

Kevin and I have been planning this house for almost 3 years now. We literally designed the layout and drew it ourselves. Kevin has done everything from the land clearing, excavation, concrete, framing and he laid every shingle on the roof himself.  Our son Kalvin will be taking his first steps in this house and our children are going to live here until they are ready to move out on their own. It’s so exciting thinking of all the memories we will make within these walls. In addition to that, I get to feel pride that my husband built this for us. I’m so honored to be his wife.

I will share more in a few weeks when more things happen. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your support and I love sharing my journey with you guys.

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