Hey Babes! { I have been working on this post for awhile now and its finally live! yay! There’s alot of content here, I really wanted to have one post on my blog of all the beauty products I love. } Hope your new year has started off fantastic! Mine has we are so close to moving into our new house! I can’t wait to share an update next week when the painting is finished. Right now, I am sharing the beauty products that I took with me into 2018. I’d like to add that I recently turned 30, age may just be a number but it’s important to share because our skin may be at different stages. I’ve followed beauty bloggers before who come to find out are 10 years younger than me… So when I say a product works for me I want you to understand what I mean and what my canvas (skin) looks like before it’s painted. It can be so hard to tell sometimes online.

I am sitting here with my fav sheet mask on my face and a conditioning treatment on my hair. I can not get enough moisture in my hair and skin right now. I swear every time I step outside everything dries right up it is so cold! I am really taking extra care to moisturize lately and my fav is so inexpensive.

I have learned that exfoliating before putting on lotion is the best way for it to be absorbed. So I keep my skin fresh with my PMD once a week.

Before putting on my makeup and every single night I wash my face with theFIRST AID BEAUTY CLEANSER. I use makeup remover pads on my eyes from the drug store (any I haven’t found any that I love so I’m not sharing- if you know of a good on that takes lash glue off tell me please) I use the RADIENCE PADS right after washing I love that this is a quick simple way to tone my skin. Toning is a step that very important but I always skipped in my 20s. After that I apply the SKIN CREAM. If it’s day time I will use the HELLO FAB SKIN SMOOTHIE PRIMER. If it’s night I will use the FAB NIGHT CREAM.

The HELLO FAB SKIN SMOOTHIE PRIMER deserves some raves. (This is Set is on sale) I am obsessed, even my mom bought it and loves it. This stuff makes your skin plump up with moisture, is full of vitamins and gives you a glow that dry people like me just don’t have normally.

I’ve been using HELLO FAB for a long time my skin is sensitive and I’ve never found anything I loved that wasn’t superrrr expensive. So this product and price point fit my budget and expectations.

Before I do my makeup I put on my lashes. I have tried over and over the ardell drug store ones and got so discouraged I couldn’t get them on! I have had lash extensions and hated them! Then I tried TARTE LASHES recently for a New Years makeup post and couldn’t believe how easy I got them on! I have been wearing them every day since! I recently just picked up a LESS DRAMATIC SET in FLIRT for every day. I wasn’t sure if it was the glue or the lashes that made it so easy to apply so I experimented. I tried the ardell drug store lashes with TARTE GLUE and could not get the dang things to stay on. I trimmed them, I bent them I tried multiple times I could not get them to stay so back on the drawer they went. (This seems weird to me still because a lot of people rave about them) so it’s definitely the TARTE LASHES and I’m using the glue because it came in the SET that I bought and I love how the Black makes lining my eyes easy. If you are using clear line your eyes FIRST. I wouldn’t recommend clear. To me the point of lashes is to stick them on and go. It’s actually faster for me than coating my eyes in mascara! If I am using mascara though I use THIS ONE.

I have been using during the day IT COSMETICS CC cream. I love this because it’s good for my skin and it has the coverage I am looking for to even out my skin tone.

If I am going to have a long day or I’m going out at night I like to wear regular foundation. I have been using LANCÔME for a long time.

Over my cc cream or foundation I use the IT COSMETICS PRESSED POWDER I like to do this because I contour with powders and they tend to stick unevenly if I don’t set up my cream products first. Just my method I’m self taught…

I have been using SMASHBOX CONTOUR KIT and the HIGHLIGHT PALETTE for a while now. the highlight palette has become my favorite product. I also use it as eyeshadow, it’s the perfect rose gold and brow highlighter.


You can click on the + signs on this image to see the details of what I am using. 💕



Hope you guys have a great day!


{all of the products I have mentioned are items I truly use (clearly by how dirty some are) I was not paid to discuss any of these specific products but I can receive commissions if items are purchased. }



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