Hey guys!! So I got the year started on a health kick and decided operation #fitmom is underway! I’ve been exercising at home with the kids as often as I can and I’ve been watching portion sizes. I notice after my pregnancies that I have the habit of eating large portions. I have to remind myself when making my plates that I’m¬†not pregnant. My muscles are so weak, I haven’t exercised in over a year! ūü§≠¬†So I am¬†easing into it.

I shared some of my fav work out gear over the last few days and wanted to post it here for those of you who asked. I never knew I needed a sports bra for a home workout until I tried to jump on my daughter’s trampoline for a warm-up session. To my surprise exercising with the kids has been easy. Koko loves it because I let her basically run around wild and we do silly goofy things to get warmed up. Kalvin loves the attention I give him too. I keep him close and cheer him on while he works on tummy time! I can’t wait to get the gym set up at our new house. I’m definitely splurging on a stationary bike!

I seriously¬†can’t believe I had him 4 months ago! He is so big!


I have to start some butt workouts. Also wondering what will tighten my skin!? I don’t¬†have stretch marks but I am noticing the extra skin more than I did after having¬†koko.


I also shared my vitamins last night. It was the perfect time because I was filling our weekly vitamin pill organizer. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. Here are a few of what you saw on my instastory if you don’t recall. I think it’s super important to take high quality supplements. I have been taking the rainbow light brand for at least 5 years, I love that they are plant based vitamins and they’re very potent. I could go on about each pill I take (I take 7 total day) but that’s tmi for this post. Even the kids are on vitamins! I’ve found a great company that I buy for the kids. I prefer this brand over the rainbow light because they have a better kids gummy selection. Rainbow light had chewables and Koko didn’t like them as much.

probiotics and prenatal

koko probiotic gummy and gummy omega 3

Kalvins D3


It snowed yesterday and it was so beautiful! We probably got a foot of snow! Kevins business plows snow so he and the employees worked round the clock! They are such troopers. I am lucky to be able to stay inside with the babies and only be responsible for shoveling our walkways.

This look I shot during the storm is on major sale. I found these striped basic long sleeves and striped sweater options for you. My scarf is real fur but its no kill, its alpaca and I bought it at the Big E, I stock up at their booth every year. I am obsessed, you prob saw the alpaca carpet on my insta feed.  I am also loving the faux fur trend and moto leggings right now. I ordered the scarfs I linked to compare them and I really liked the fun colors they come in.

Thanks guys for checking out this post, my laptop keyboard is acting up and not working. So I had to post from my tablet which was a royal pain in the a$$. I hope I can figure out how to fix it!

Hope you have a great weekend!


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