Hey babes! It’s here. The time of year we take a big hard look at ourselves and our lives and vow to make changes for the new year… Well I have been working hard to better myself already but now that I am 4 months post baby. I am ready to work hard physically and get my body in shape like I was 7 years ago when I met Kevin! I just turned 30 so I have even more motivation to fight the aging process now that I’m officially in my 30s.

I dont go to the gym, I really do not like working out in public. I also have some challenges working out because of my foot injury so I like to work out in privacy to avoid feeling judged. So here I am working out with my babe! I consider #momlife in general a workout, folding laundry while doing some lunges, swinging baby while engaging my abs, those are some quick thing I try and do just to keep the muscles in action. I also throw in leg lifts and crunches whenever we are on the floor for playtime. I really love the tips I get from The Fit Brunette – Samantha Bowers. I also have done the bbg- Kayla Itsines routines in the past and LOVED it!

Since I don’t really work out formally I don’t spend a ton of money on active wear. I do wear activewear on the regular even just running to target or the grocery store and I really like the selection at Old Navy. Since the Old Navy store is in the same shopping plaza as the Whole Foods and Target I shop at I am basically only shopping those 3 stores lately. Unless I am shopping online. These Leggings are nice and thick for compression so they’re flattering and I am all about the mesh detailing! These leggings come in different styles, prints, and colors. I also grabbed this sherpa cardi because I cant avoid anything fluffy these days! I am freezing and crave all things cozy. this plush knit basic I grabbed in 3 colors! I found sneakers like mine here on sale for $75, I am wearing a kids 7.

Kalvin loves his piano mat so he exercises while I do. He rolled over yesterday during play time, can’t believe it! I got some questions about his bib the other day it’s new, it’s called the buddy bib and he also always has this sensory toy.

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