Hey guys! It really is beginning to feel like Christmas! I took the kids to see santa and we got our first snow over the weekend. Seeing the joy in Kokos eyes was so special and we had such a blast playing outside in the snow. I think I may actually learn to like winters now that I see how much fun she has in the snow! Now that Koko is old enough to understand santa and Christmas I decided to start some traditions with her. What are some of the traditions your family looks forward to?

I thought why not make this year special and have santa give Koko her first Barbie 2017 Holiday from Mattel.


hugme barbie kkok

santa barbie koko

Kokos outfit details: Velvet holiday dress

I am so excited to see how happy she was and to be able to carry on the tradition of receiving a Holiday Barbie every year! The Holiday Barbie is the perfect collector’s item and sentimental gift. Many people save the barbie in its beautiful packaging and collect them for life.  I don’t mind that she opened the box to play with it, I actually think it will be more special if I let her play with it so she can see how well loved they are over the years. I hope she will remember the holidays she receives them and cherishes how special they are.

seriously how beautiful is the 2017 holiday barbie I am so happy koko loved it.

I have some other ideas about holiday traditions that I will share in upcoming posts. I’d love to hear what you and your family do every year! Leave in comments below ❤️

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