Hey babes! I’m getting ready for Black Friday this week! Do you shop in stores or online??? I hit my computer hard from the comfort of my couch! Then I roll into the stores after lunch and just casually shop! This year on my list toys! What’s your number one item?

Hasbro toys make some of our fav toys like playdoh and baby alive. Here is a helpful 15% Off Holiday Gift Guide!

After Koko became a big sister she became obsessed with babies. She is going to love playing with baby alive and baby alive crawling. You can shop by clicking this link baby alive.

While shopping Hasbro toys I was surprised to discover they still make the sit and spin! I’m a 90s baby and definitely got some good use out of the sit and spin. Can’t wait to see Koko go crazy on the sit and spin like I used to!

To help make your shopping easier here is some category links

Top gift picks

stocking stuffers

Gifts under $25     Gifts under $50      Gifts under $100      Gifts over $100

Let me know what your kids favorite toys are in the comments section! Thanks for stopping by.


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