Someone recently complimented me for being able to manage a household with two babies and 3 dogs. I thought for a minute, “am I really doing a good job?” as moms we constantly second guess ourselves by nature. I am just trying to do my best to get by every day and fill my home with love and happiness. My furbabies are what started our family so giving them the best will always be important to me. You all know how expensive dogs are so giving them the best was hard on our budget at times. All 3 of my dogs are high maintenance, Ryder has a sensitive stomach, Benz needs a special shampoo for a skin condition, and Harley gets into trouble more often than my 2-year-old, so much so that the first 6 months we had him he was a regular at the emergency vet.

In order to try and keep my savings account balance, I have searched ALL OVER the internet for the best prices on pet products. I stumbled upon I’m always skeptical to change my routine because I normally buy household items on Amazon just because I love subscribing to items I keep in bulk. I do not have time to remember to order tick medicine and heart guard every month so if it wasn’t for subscribing I would likely forget and fall behind. When I found I was thrilled shipping was free worldwide and they offered a subscription. I compared prices to the products I buy for my dogs and noticed $10 savings on things like flea and tick medicine. That’s a savings of over $100 a year to treat my 3 tick magnets! So I am here to tell you to check it out. They’re currently having a sale for the Veteran’s day holiday.

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