Hey loves!! Right now sickness is going through our house. It started with Koko, she no doubt caught it at school. Her first week back! ugh. She has had a fever for a week, needs breathing treatments to loosen up the phlegm in her lungs and now has an ear infection. Mamas know how hard it is when kids are sick… sometimes they’re too little for medication, I am quick to dose myself with Mucinex and Robitussin, but I cant give that to the littles… I was desperate for natural relief so I turned to essential oils. I began using them during my first pregnancy and learned a lot in the last 3 years.

Essential oils can be used for a variety of things. I love blending them in my diffuser and filling the house with clean crisp scents on cleaning days or festive aromas to set the mood when I am hostessing. Christmas is a great time to use essential oils, pine is one of my favorites smells and I have faux Christmas trees and that real tree smell is one thing I miss so I diffuse a lot of pine during the holidays.

I am currently using my essential oils for so many things so I thought it would be great to share how helpful they can be during cold season. I have the entire line of oils, singles and blends but I like to buy the blends so when I need them they are already mixed and I can apply them fast. If you are not experienced with oils don’t be afraid the blends make it easy. You will need a diffuser. All it takes is a couple drops of whatever oil and some water in the diffuser and your good to go…. I have been using respiratory ease both in my diffuser and as a roll on on Koko. I diffuser all day in the living room and in her bedroom at night. It is really helping her sleep through the night, she was having such a hard time sleeping. The roll on is perfect for the bottoms of her feet and chest. I love it!

I have been using headache ease on myself because I have SEVERE TMJ and I am a stressed out mama when my babies are not well so it flared up BAD. I can hardly chew right now. The headache ease blend helps relax the muscles and I do not think I would be able to sleep right now if I did not use it before bed.

I could go on an on because the uses are endless. Click this link to download a really amazing idea guide.  I am not being compensated for this post, and I have been buying from Edens Garden for 3 years. I chose this company because it is not a pyramid scheme like the other companies. I researched the product on my own and figured out how to use them on my own… IF you don’t have the time to do that definitely look into going with another company the sales reps can be amazingly informative and I know a great mama who sells do terra if anyone is interested in talking to her.

Here is a link to shop Edens Garden

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